About akwadup Lodge


San Blas Panama islands

Hello! Na! (as we say in Kuna). We are a Kuna family consisting of parents and five siblings. All of us were born in Kuna Yala. Our father, Don Jeronimo De La Ossa  is a past elected representative of his people and well known as a leader among the Kuna.  He and  his wife Mariela began the first simple buildings of what is now Dolphin Island eco-resort  (Uaguinega) in 1992.  Their desire was to provide accommodation so that those with an interest in visiting Kuna Yala had a place to stay while experiencing its unique culture and beauty. Uaguinega was the location selected because of its relative seclusion  although in proximity  to Achutupu, an island community in the heart of Kuna traditional culture and the place where they lived. Their additional hope was that this enterprise would also provide employment and income opportunities for their island neighbours. Over the years new cabañas built to contemporary standards replaced the original structures and new ones added.
Our guests have come from many countries, from the Americas and from overseas such as Japan, Korea, Norway, U.K. and the European continent.   We are very happy that we can  count repeat visits in their number.
In 2006 we started on a second project on an uninhabited island partially owned by the De La Ossa family.  Now named Akwadup eco-resort, this new complex consists of seven cabanas over the ocean which incorporate modern comforts within their external traditional design.  Again, an important part of the motivation of this concept was to bring economic benefit to the Kuna population. Our family foundation Fundacion Uaguitupu is a registered nonprofit NGO committed to enhance the welfare of Kuna people.
Daughters Mariela and Yariela are now actively involved with their parents in the family business.  We all share the same goals namely to provide excellence in service to our guests so that you may leave with enjoyable, lasting memories of a beautiful part of the world and the unique indigenous Kuna culture.


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